The Author, Adrian Jevon Murphy

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Adrian Jevon Murphy

Hi, my name is Adrian Jevon Murphy from Andrews, South Carolina. I am the author of the Book called Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega  I am a college grad of Claflin University from Orangeburg, South Carolina. I have a BA in History and a minor in Political Science. The high school that I graduated from is Andrews High School, which is in Andrews, South Carolina. I work in the Georgetown County School District. I was a substitute teacher and tutor in the Sylvan Learning Program in the state of South Carolina. I love both role-playing games, fiction, mythological and nonfiction stories about the past and present times of human society, especially fairly tales and mythologies belonging to different cultures throughout the world.”

“I wrote this story along with many others, while I was in the eighth grade at D. P. Cooper through my college career at Claflin. Over time, I rewrote most of these stories to make them more interesting and understandable for the readers to better comprehend these epic tales. The audience of my pickings is a mixed varieties base on different jargons from certain romantical themes, sexual themes, drama, comedy, action, and love. These stories are personal treasures too, which I wish to share them with the world.”

“Most of all, I want to thank “God” for allowing me to put these awesome stories together. Also, many thanks go to those persons that helped me in the process of making these stories possible too, I personally thank you all.”

(C) Copyright protected material don’t copy and paste from Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega’s Secret Roses Volume One. All rights reserved by law. 2012-2016, 2017


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