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A new enchanted tale, has emerge from two of the most powerful stories ever created by Adrian Jevon Murphy. In this new and enchanted tale, a brand new warrior steps out on the battlefield, as a female heroine with a mission of her own. Following a destiny unlike any other, she is force to find out what it means to be human. Born from pure magic, she will embrace what love is, trust and friendship, during her quest. Along the way, a beast lures from the shadows with two red eyes, whom is in the picture for one purposes, which is to steal, take and even murder our newly champion, whose name is Sophia.


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I know that I haven’t been online for a while, due to my other studies and subject matter of story writing. Anyways, I am about to come out with a whole new book. This one is going to be a blast and something truly special, in my opinion. I will have something post here about it.

The Adrian & Jade Origins Updates





Chapter 1: “The Family Of Mine, My Fate of Yin And Yang”

“In the beginning, there were many ancient relics and people, which ruled the landscape of Vero. My story starts off within the cliff hills called Ergo, which is the northern part to China on Vero that heads off into Rugs of Storms. In this area, two strong willed lovers happened to be fighting thousands of monstrous fiends, while trying their hardest to escape certain death. The African King, name King Krobe delivers over one thousand kills and then saves his Chinese wife, whose cover up name is Vinery. She and her husband used this name to keep her identity very secretive, which was due to her family’s name and from the enemy’s knowledge.”

“During these times, war and chaos has erupted upon the lands, due to the exchange of powers. Once they were clear of all dangers, they both flee to a safe haven elsewhere. Yet, they both knew something was coming for their families within the darkness, but in what form of fashion has enemy cloaked themselves in the light of men. Just after two years, wife returns home and discover a secret, which her brother kept from the family, while she was away. In the brother desperate attempt to save the woman, which he loves from harm’s way, he kills his own men, while being caught by his own sister.”

“The sister realizes what had happened, whereas she was being accompanied by her son. They both witnessed what he had done to soldiers, just moments when he tries to save woman of life, along with their mother. As soon as she was about to scorn him, she looks at woman’s belly and then realizes what was going on. Very quickly, she casts her two years old son to her brother, who looks at her crazy as hell, while wondering what was going on in his beloved sister’s mind. Then suddenly, she does the unthinkable to save a family member, especially her own flesh and blood.”

“Taking her brother’s sword, the sister jumps on her horse and then charges at advancing soldiers, while saying…”

The sister: “It’s me! I am the one that has slain thy brothers within the armor of green. I am the one, who’s also called, “The Rice Queen of China.”

The soldiers: “Get her!!”

The Brother: “No, sister!”

“Very quickly, she takes out thousands after thousands of soldiers from the Red Dragon Scorpion China Empire, while unaware of a powerful being watching her. The king himself ordered more and more men to take down the Rice Queen of China, but it all failed. The sister kept this up for seven days and six nights, without giving up. The day she was about to storm into her brother’s stronghold, just to throw them all off. The being, whose been watching her the entire time suddenly appeared and then takes his sister’s life.”

“She returns with the woman’s head and then proclaims the enemy has been slain. However, the brother, his now proclaim wife and his mother knew the truth. For you see, the brother knew that one day, he would have to tell his nephew about his mother’s death and what she did. For you see, he was granted permission, to stay within the empire, because he had special powers like his mother and his uncle. The question is this, just who is this young man and what his name is? And to what is to become of him…”

The Brother: “Sis, I will take care of your son.”

Chapter 2: “I Am The One”

“Ever since I can remember, my father was played by the role of my uncle Lu Chu Ti or Ti for six years as I was the only African living within the royal palace. Everything I would train with my uncle and cousin, which I see as my sister, while growing up. The story about my mother and father has never been told to me, because of something that happened within the past. My uncle uses puns and other means to direct my path into the one he’s shaping his daughter upon. My grandmother shots me clues about my mother’s death at times without my uncle’s knowledge of it.”

“As train and live within foreign lands, I see my self as something more then anything within in these parts. I am stronger, smarter and something too bright for my own good, whereas my uncle would say, “You’re like my sister.” I would look at him, whereas he’ll walk away with tears in his eyes. My auntie, Skyra would take me aside and then train me herself. Until one day, I meet the princesses of China. Of course, I have to be respectful as to what I do, but I remain the same, which landed me into trouble for some reason.”

“Yes, I was different, but my powers at the time would ignite with flames upon my shoulders and hands, which spooked everyone there, except for Princess Elisa Chu. To her, my powers were like a gift, whereas I could sense that she also have powers of her own. I guess, when I was around her, she was free to be herself and nothing else, whereas her father didn’t seem to mind at all. Being a very good observant, I could have easily tell by the expressions upon his majesty’s advisers and some of soldiers’ faces within the palace that didn’t approve of the idea of course. For some strange reason, I was ordered to talk to him one day, alone. This to me was something great, but scary at the same time.”

“I was wondering why he of all people would like to speak with me. What did I have, that nobody else had at all. For two days, I spent my time thinking and hoping that I didn’t cost anyone trouble, until I made myself sick as a horse. After my long days of recovery, I was able to meet his majesty. The emperor’s soldiers approached my house and asked for me and my uncle. We both left the house and then got into stagecoach, which was driven by three horses to the royal palace.”

“Once there, emperor himself invited both me and my uncle into his personal chambers, while having two royal guards to stand by the doors of his room. Once inside, he says to us both…”

Emperor Lois Lu Ku Chu: “Greetings, my servants.”

The uncle and nephew: “Greetings, your majesty.” (As they both bow down before him and then rises upwards in a respectable position)

Emperor Lois Lu Ku Chu: “I have learned about you and your family within my kingdom. I also learned that you both have provided the means to a better China at the time. So, you both are hereby apart of my kingdom. I know of your powers son and your father also.” (As the nephew was about to talk, his uncle taps him on the side, to allow his majesty to finish.) “I was unaware that you’re a prince. I mean, Prince Lo-Sole Krobe. I promised him I’ll protect you, but I require your services in return.”

Prince Lo-Sole: “What do you mean?”

Emperor Lois Lu Ku Chu: “I mean like this, your mother promised me her strength and loyalty to China. I want to know, will you do the same as she?”

Prince Lo-Sole: “Yes, I will.”

Emperor Lois Lu Ku Chu: “Then it’s agreed. I hereby appoint you to my royal guards within the palace and outside the palace. When I need you to perform a mission, you, Prince Lo-Sole, must be there at all times. Your uncle is both my military general and adviser, whom will be over you from this point. You’re the one, which we need. This is both an honor and privilege to have Prince Lo-Sole within China’s finest courts. You both are hereby dismissed.”

“As we both bow before his majesty, and then exited the room. My uncle smiled with great honor and respect as we both walked from the emperor’s personal chambers and into the main galley, while heading into the hallway connecting to the exit. When I was turn to the right side of me, Princess Elisa smiled and then vanishes like a ghost, which spooked the living crazy out of me. I didn’t know what was going on, but was desperate to find out. Once outside, my uncle jump up and down and then kissed my forehead saying…”

The uncle: “You brought honor to our family.”

Prince Lo-Sole: “I guess, “I AM The One.”

Chapter 3: The Anew, One Man and One Mission

“As time by, I have mastered the ways of both the light and darkness, just to be swift like mother and her beloved brother, whom I see as my uncle and father at the same time. We mostly have it out, but the bond between me and him is forever strong through our tough times together. The emperor has ordered us to go out and seek something from a distant land, which was puzzling to my uncle, whereas he didn’t complain at all. Not to mention, my sister Melisa has joined us during this journey. As sail towards this land, my uncle was silence like a snake, which was observing his surroundings and those within it.”

“He did eat nor sleep for five whole days and four nights, which had me and my sister worried. Once the ship made it towards the destination, over thousands and thousands of exploding arrows disturb the peace among us. My uncle jumps upon his feet, whereas he ordered both me and sister to get into a nearby boat. Once inside the raft, he cuts the ropes attached to them, whereas me and sister falls down beside the ship, while he shouts out towards us saying…”

My uncle: “Prince Lo-Sole, make it towards the mainland and secure us a place for direct assault upon the Lands of Cu-uiles for our advancement.”

The exploding arrows: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BANG!

Prince Lo-Sole: “Okay uncle!”

Melisa: “Father, we will secure a spot for you all.”

“Very quickly, I rowed the boat within the chaos taking place within waters, while exploding light and strange smoke filled the air. Moving fast through the deadly waters of, that belongs to the enemy, while also appearing to be going slow at the same time. We both knew that we would make it, but waves and the exploding arrows kept the boat rocking left to right and then blinding us with it devious lights. Melisa shouts out saying…”

Melisa: “Brother, we make landfall within twenty miles away.”

“As I looked at her, whereas she happened to move out of the way, while I was watching long-bowman archers positioning themselves upon the shorelines as I was taking us near them. I quickly grab my sister and then bale overboard as sixty-five arrows made its way towards us. Using my powers, I took us underwater, while the ship exploded before the enemy’s eyesight. At this same time, we were running out of oxygen within the water, whereas something provided us with air to breathe, while we were trying to resurface. Fighting the water back towards the top, we both were struggling to make it, but something was trying to hold us back. All of a sudden, strange branches made its way towards us, whereas we used them to provide the means to reach the top.”

“In my mind, I could tell my uncle was probably screaming in great sorrow at the time, but we made it towards the other side of the shorelines. Once there, we discover a hellish nightmare unlike any other. What I am saying is this; there were powerful beasts and beings destroying everything within sight. The local folks there were running from them, while most turn into solid stone. I had to cover Melisa’s mouth, while trying to hold back my own screams. In my mind, I said, “What The Hell Is Going On Here?” Then suddenly, I saw a brave Apache fighting these people with amazing strength, but he had no powers at the time. This is when I hear a voice calling out to me saying…”

The Voice: “The man you just saw will bring you back to life again, trust me and you’ll live brave one.”

“In my mind, I said. “Who The Hell Are You?”

The Voice: “I am Gaya. Time and space has been altered. You must find the truth about it.”

“Afterwards, the voice suddenly vanishes, while I and my sister took shelter within an old abandon house. Inside the house, we found food, water, spices, torches and weapons to provide the extra muscle for us to live. My mind went back on the mission at hand; we both waited for the right day and time to move out, while taking the goods with us. Melisa perform several espionage missions, whereas I scouted the lands at assigned a checkpoint for us to meet up. This took us three and half days to search the entire area on foot. Once this was said and done, Melisa returns before me, while I discover something far worse on my scouting mission…”

Sheila: “Listen, I want every civilization on the entire island killed. These folks only obey the ancient ones and not me. I am the ruler of these lands and not them. I want that ascribe book destroyed at once. They must not have any of this information at all!”

Prince Lo-Sole: “What the heck she’s taking about?”

Elder Kev: “Young one, you must hide this document at once.”

Prince Lo-Sole: “Who are you?”

Elder Kev: “That’s of no importance at this time. Sheila is erasing those from this period of time and is trying to establish something that she has no business doing.” (As he hands Prince Lo-Sole the information and says to him) “Now, let us all get the hell up out of here, now!”

“Wasting no time at all, Prince Lo-Sole rushes to their checkpoint, as he storms in and find Melisa putting something together, while his information completed her projects and then creates five texts, along with a relic of some sort. All at once, they both overheard screams of Sheila coming from the direction of his encounter with the elder. Melisa was to ask him something, but Prince Lo-Sole grab her and then fled the area. After forty-five minutes, Sheila storms into the house searching for the individual that supposedly had stolen the texts and relic from her hands. She searches hard for them, while they both made it towards the shorelines.”

“At this same time, a sailor on-board the ship spots Prince Lo-Sole and Melisa running upon the shorelines and tells their father, whom grabs a telescope to see for himself. Once he sees them, he order direct cover fire for his daughter and nephew. During this same time, Prince Lo-Sole and Melisa happen to find a ship along side the wreck one, whereas an idea revealed itself to them both. Using the wreck ship and the one not busted, nor the one that happened to be brand new, which was nearby, they cast off into the ocean, while using it for the perfect cover and their escape. The ship’s captains order some men to retrieve both Prince Lo-Sole and Melisa once they were in range. After an hour and fifteen minutes, they were both safely on board, the captain ordered his ships to move out, while Sheila appeared on the shorelines an hour late, whereas they were already gone.”

“Once they were back in the royal palace, Prince Lo-Sole and Melisa explains their findings to the emperor, whom suggested that they both remain silent about the mission, which he had assigned to them. He tells them both, that he ordered their father not to get involved, but to pretend to be fighting the enemy, while the two of them were in the enemy’s stronghold. They had wanted the proof, that Sheila was trying to destroy all evidence of unknown powerful beings and relics from Vero’s history, while also taking lives of those that were somehow related and connected to them. In addition to her killing spree of everyone she claims to be a suspected traitor of Vero. Once the meeting was over with, Prince Lo-Sole says to himself…”

Prince Lo-Sole: “I have a feeling that Sheila isn’t through with none of us.”

The Secret Room Of Kings and Emperors Belonging to Vero

“In the middle of the night, the Emperor Lois Ti Chu and Lu Ti met up inside a long forgotten tower within the lands of Ergo. The emperor and Lu Ti meet up with several other men and women belonging to the crown and the Peeling Council members. They all had relics belonging to the old world order and kept them very well hidden from Sheila and many others for some ghastly reason. Lu Ti and the emperor pull out their relics, which Prince Lo-Sole and Melisa had found and revealed something very strange before the others there. Each person standing there, gasps as they items was that of their own kinship engraved within each relic.”

“In everybody’s mind, “What does their kinship have to do with Sheila’s ordeal and plans?” This is was the great mystery as two names appeared within stones when the relics came together as one, which states…”

* Please, People Of The New World Order Called Vero, Bring Forth Into Anew, Adrian & Jade To Save Verona *

“Soon after, everyone there witnessed the phase and the two names from the relics, which they displayed before them all. They all pondered these two names from the ancient remnants, which the old world order left behind as clues to help them. Then suddenly, a scene from Japan took place of something to happen to the princess. Then suddenly, King Maura stands up and says…”

King Maura: “I have to go and save my daughter.”

Emperor Lois Chu: “No, look closer.” (As he points something out) “That’s someone else’s job and not yours or any of ours at all.”

“As they all witnessed an image of someone or thing, protecting the princess, but just who is this person, which they all pondered within their minds…”

King Maura: “Fine, I’ll play by your rules for now, Lois.”

Chapter 4: The Melting Ice And Someone Unexpected

“It’s been two to three years since all of this had happened, especially the mission from his majesty orders. I, Prince Lo-Sole have been training like hell and practicing my magic and physical attacks to become stronger then I originally am. I have been thinking back to everything, which had happened to me and to these crazy missions. Just what is the purpose of these ordeals and what does his majesty wishes to learn from them. Lately, I have been asked to visit Japan and to talk to their leaders.”

“I, Melisa and my uncle journeyed to Japan to see what was happening over there. There have been rumors of secret invasion and other classified ordeals going on between countries, but this one tops them all. When we arrived there, we told to go into the throne room personal chambers, which happened to be very huge. It was very well decorated with the finest things, which will make any man fall down to his knees in great splinter. That’s just my opinion, I love exotic things, which I have a strong passion and taste for, whereas my uncle tells me I gets’ this from my dear old mother of course.”

“Inside this room, it was filled with many different characters from the royal party and some from foreign parties, which were granted and audience by the king, just like us. The moment I turn around, I something catches my eye, which cause me to blink three times, before I partly figure it out by myself. For you see, I didn’t expect to see someone, which resemble me in every aspect and to also know who I am. This man resembled me, but was no longer a pagan at all. He was converted to cult of Islam and I discovered that I have brother from another woman. This man walks up to me and says before my uncle and everyone there…”

King Krobe: “How are you, my son?”

Prince Lo-Sole: “Son?” (Confused) “Are you applying, that you’re my father?”

King Krobe: “Yes, I am. Prince Lo-Sole, I have heard about your many ordeals and the one of your mother.”

Prince Lo-Sole: “Enough. I am man of sixteen. State your name and position.” (As Krobe’s knights drew their swords, while his half brother was stopped by his father as King Krobe says to son.) “Well, talk?”

King Krobe: (Smiling) “Okay. I am King Krobe from Ghana and former Ergo.” (As Prince Lo-Sole gasps, while he continues to talk) “I am your father and no longer a pagan, but a Muslim king. I don’t have any attention to convert you, that’s of your free will and chose my son.”

Prince Lo-Sole: “Whatever.”

“During this same time, Princess Rosaria and her brother Prince Yoshiro Maura walks into the room and sees them all. Princess Rosaria is considered a very beautiful young lady of sixteen as of her brother, because they both were born the same exact day. King Maura, whom is their father, had requested their presents there. It was at this moment, Princess Rosaria and Prince Lo-Sole met unexpectedly. For some oddly reason, everyone left the room, but locked their doors on them both to be inside.”

“Here is how it happened, King Maura ordered his wizard to cast a spell secretly, while Prince Lo-Sole spoke with his father as Prince Yoshiro escorts his sister into the room. I was trying to move my legs, while I watched everyone leaving the room, along with Princess Rosaria, whom was also stuck. The moment the doors were closed, the spellbinding enchantment releases us both, as she says to me harshly…”

Princess Rosaria: (Rude as she spoke her mind to him saying) “You’re the ugliest person that I have ever laid eyes on. I wonder what your mother thought when she had you.”

The People from the tower: [Outside the room, they were listening to them arguing and were trying to figure out something very important about the two. As the people from the secret room recalled the image within the tower, but had tried several times, just to see who the person was. Everyone that manage to get inside the room with the princess failed, just to bring forth the scenery from the tower. For you see, they had placed every relic inside the room, just to see what will happen and so far nothing happened as of yet.]

Prince Lo-Sole: (Smiling as he says) “Damn, looks whose talking. Have you seen a mirror lately, your royal stinkness?”

Princess Rosaria: (Astounded by what he just said, she says out loud) “Say what?”

Prince Lo-Sole: “You heard me the first time, brat.”(As something shinny catches his attention inside the room.) “Huh?” (As he continued to watch as the mysterious light or something or another twitches back and forward, while the Princess Rosaria shouts out saying.) “Shut up!”

Princess Rosaria: (Shouting voice) “How dare you! I am a princess!”

“This is when he begins to walk around inside the room. He began looking at all of the statues inside the room, which were made from clay. Each one represented something of Japan’s great history of war and peaceful days, before Sheila’s rule. At that same time, he sees a relic inside room, which brought back up the mission from three years ago. The relic portrayed a woman with a spider mask on her face, which no human on Vero knows exactly what her true appearance looked like.”

“Princess Rosaria rushed over towards a vase and then threw it at Prince Lo-Sole, whom didn’t flinch at all, after being hit by the object, whereas he was still focusing on the shinny object of some sort. Little to the princess, the objects’ shadows inside the room moved from their current location and then towards the shinny thing, which Prince Lo-Sole was staring at. Yet, the princess was still upset of how he ignored her and her taunting, as he was believed to be lost within his own world at the time. Once Prince Lo-Sole witnessed the shadows merging together with the shinny thing, he then gasps, as it made one of the statures before him come to life without the Princess’s knowledge, whom was still stuck on the fact, that he had totally ignored her. Soon as the Princess Rosaria turns away, the statue slightly moved its head and body towards her.”

“In oh my god moment, Prince Lo-Sole watched as the statue got itself into attack position, whereas warrior pulls out its long blade Kanata sword, while the Princess Rosaria’s back was still turned away. The moment he tried to tell her, he suddenly found his mouth unable to shout and scream, by some magical enchantment. Pacing around back and forth, he tries to think up on something to do, just to save Princess Rosaria, who doesn’t see what’s going on. This is when she turns around and sees the statue in totally different position from its original stance. In her mind, Prince Lo-Sole must have moved the statue, while pacing around inside the room.”

“Then suddenly, Prince Lo-Sole stops pacing around, and then he quickly drew his sword, as Princess Rosaria steps backwards in great fear for her life. In her mind, this was the melting point of no return, by her uplifted voice as a spoil brat, which everyone called her, especially Prince Yoshiro, her brother. Using her own powers, she was about to strike Prince Lo-Sole, until he shoves her out of the way and then kills the statue, which jump directly before them to take her life. Very quickly, Prince Lo-Sole slices the statue in half and safe the princess’s life. Soon afterwards, King Maura and others from the tower walked inside the room and sees the statue destroyed by Prince Lo-Sole, whom was breathing heavily, while Princess Rosaria rushes within his arms soaking in tears. The moment King Maura calls out to her, she looks up and then pushes Prince Lo-Sole away from her and then rushes over to her father, whom looked at one, which saved her.”

“In his mind, he knew that Prince Lo-Sole had a very powerful role in his life, which he didn’t had the slightest idea as of yet. All at once, the statues began talking before everyone saying…”

The statues: “Please, People Of The New World Order Called Vero, Bring Forth Into Anew, Adrian & Jade To Save Verona. You Are One Of The Ones, Which Is Going To Train Both Adrian & Jade, Once These Two Come Into Being. The Rest Will Follow, But We Won’t Reveal Anymore Before Anyone Else.”

Prince Lo-Sole: “Like damn, this is going to be one helluva ride.”

Princess Rosaria: (Thinking to herself, she says) “Hmmm…I see why you’re one of the candidates, which is on the list for me to marry, by my father. Yet, you have to prove yourself to me. Yet, this is still a game of cat and mouse. Can you get the cheese before thy enemy or any other suitors, Prince Lo-Sole?”

Kevin: (Watching the entire time, he says) “Hmmm….I see what’s about to happen. Can you all really pull it off…that’s the question?”

Chapter 5: The Race Against Time, Beating The Odds

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