“Welcome, Darning Adventurers!”


“With a new rising era on the loose, the former planet called Vero, faces a threat, unlike any other before those of the ancient world. It has witnessed a great deal of chaos from the years of warfare from one planet to the next.

One self-proclaimed champion has risen among them all. She recreated what was supposed to be multiple clans and groups of powerful ancient beings into one small class. She calls them the “Thirteen Overseers,” while making herself the perfect maker of these powerful ancient beings, which mankind on Vero has never seen or heard about in home world.”

“This person name is called Sheila, she isn’t afraid to handle anything at all. Yet, when the overseers had needed her the most, she was gone. Without their master there to protect them, a darker evil steps in and then overthrown her overseers by killing off the main three head leaders. Once this was done, the dark one then tries to take control over the entire planet and these powerful beings, whom he didn’t killed at all. After some crude and harsh decades of bitter madness, a new face pushed back against this great evil.”

“Both of pure monarchy blood from Ghana, this African queen kept evil away from the people for centuries on the planet Vero, until her strange and mysterious death. After her death, many new faces are gearing up to seek out new possibilities and worldly wonders to full up their coffers, whereas one of these monarchies is called Queen Lara Vega. Like she said before her army, “There were many rose gardens before mine ever took root, in the eye sight of mankind. With the sword pointed to Almighty for strength, love, courage, faith, hope and justice. Let the fucking battle begin now and forever!!”

“In Volume one, you’ll see what cause this powerful event to unfold, linking towards the past, present and then future of every single citizen surrounding the entire planet. The biggest question is this, who will survive? Who will be lost forever for all time sake. These are the Adrian & Jade Chronicles.”


(C) Copyright protected material don’t copy and paste from Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega’s Secret Roses Volume One. All rights reserve by law.

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